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5 Reasons Why Every Doctor Needs an iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is a big update…literally. On Sept. 19 you'll be able to get your hands on the larger iPhone 6 and even larger iPhone 6 Plus, two big phones in an already impressive product lineup. What makes these phones better than any other smartphones on the market? More specifically, how are they better for medical providers? Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why doctors will love these new phones:

1. Larger Screen

If it wasn’t clear by looking at them, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are much larger than their predecessors. The iPhone 6 measures 4.7 inches diagonally, while the iPhone 6 Plus measures 5.5 inches! This is in comparison to the iPhone 5S, which only amounts to a measly 4 inches. For providers, the extra screen real estate is a must-have for those long patient lists. In an app like pMD charge capture, this could eliminate the need to scroll within an app.

2. Increased Battery Life

Let’s face it, the batteries in our phones are abysmal, but that doesn’t mean that they have to stay that way. With the new iPhone 6, you can get up to 14 hours of talk time, while the iPhone 6 Plus can get up to 24 hours of talk time. That’s a lot more time to discuss consults, call your patients' families, and let your kids know that you'll make it to soccer practice! If we compare that to the iPhone 5s, you can only spend 10 hours talking before your phone throws in the towel.

3. Enhanced Security

As a provider, security is of utmost importance. Fortunately, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have you covered. Each of them has a feature called Touch ID. With Touch ID, you simply place your finger on the phone’s fingerprint sensor and you’re in, making it easier to stay compliant and be secure. For anyone using an iPhone 5 or older, you probably haven’t had a chance to experience it, but it is a life changer. The days of remembering passwords or keeping them in a text document are over.

4. Greater Durability

Who hasn’t dropped their phone? That’s what I thought, your hand is still down. In the hospital there is a lot of movement, which means a greater chance of phone collisions and drops. Fortunately, Apple has introduced ion-strengthened glass, a process that chemically treats the glass on your phone in order to increase its durability. This gives your phone a greater chance of survival upon impact with the hospital parking lot.

5. More Storage

With the amount of applications and data we consume, we tend to fill our phones very quickly, especially if you are taking pictures of a patient's injury, a patient’s recovery, or your cat. With the new iPhones, data is no longer an issue. Apple now offers up to 128GB, where previously they only offered a maximum of 64GB. That’s double the storage, which means double the cat pictures!

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have so many ridiculous benefits for doctors that doctors would be ridiculous to not get one. The upgrade is well worth the move. You can get your hands on one by visiting an Apple store on Sept. 19 or by ordering online.