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5 Ways to Embarrass Yourself and Spend Valentine's Day in the Hospital

Roses are red, violets are blue, and when you eat too many chocolates... CMS has an ICD-10 code for you! Valentine’s Day is coming up and no holiday is without strange incidents. We at the Charge Capture Blog have put together another edition of how ICD-10 can bring even more color to this beloved Hallmark holiday.

I51.81 - “Broken-heart syndrome”, or Takotsubo syndrome
Sometimes, love just hurts. This has never been truer than for the “broken-heart syndrome,” caused by intense emotional or physical stress accompanied by heart attack-like symptoms.

V96.01 - Balloon crash injuring occupant
Hot air ballooning gone wrong. If you end up in the hospital with this diagnosis, you’ll at least have a great Valentine’s Day story for your friends and family.

R00.2 - Palpitations
Are you in love or do you have an irregular heartbeat disorder? It’s not always easy to tell, but maybe you should go see a doctor.

S61.230 - Puncture wound without foreign body of right index finger without damage to nail
Bret Michaels said it best: Every rose has its thorn. And nothing kills a romantic evening like an injury from a dozen beautiful roses.

G44.82 - Headache associated with sexual activity
If you have this health problem, happy Valentine’s Day to you!