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Weekly Byte: A Daily Nibble of a pMD Developer
At pMD, we wear many hats. When I describe my job to friends, they often ask "Aren't you a programmer? Why are you doing so many other things?" They, at most, have two major responsibilities at their companies and they assume my other tasks are bothersome. But having those extra responsibilities isn't a burden at all! Instead, I see them as a badge of honor. What I find often overlooked is the fact that hats translate to trust. Being given multiple hats to wear means the company is entrusting you with those responsibilities. They view you as having the ability to own these tasks and to execute them at a high level. Essentially, the company believes in you! And having different responsibilities means no two days are the same, which makes work fun and allows me to avoid the repetitive. Here's a snapshot of one of my developer days at pMD: