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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Pictures play a key role in the way that we interact with information. They help us to connect with new ideas in a way that plain text can’t. Imagine apartment hunting without interior photos. Or online shopping without 12 different views of that new pair of shoes. Headlines become more powerful when accompanied by a cover photo. And when was the last time you tried a new restaurant without checking for photos of the menu? Visuals are really powerful.

I was recently checking in with our Account Manager at Glassdoor. I asked how could I make our company page appear more inviting and attractive to prospective candidates for roles at pMD. The AM’s suggestion for improvement was that we should add more photos of our team and office space. Photos tell candidates a lot about the workplace and help to showcase the culture and the work environment.

Just like candidates evaluating companies, health care professionals also seek to get a look at the software they’re evaluating; whether that be charge capture, secure messaging, care coordination or health information exchange. At pMD we’ve created a series of videos that help illustrate what can often be complex health care ideas. We also tailor customized demonstrations for groups evaluating pMD’s solutions.

Pictures are powerful. We use them to help candidates visualize the workplace that they may someday call home and allow our customers to see the impact software can have on their practice and their health care community.

We’ve recently added several photos of our office and of our team members on the road. It’ll take a good deal more photos to try and capture the collaborative, fun, fast-paced culture at pMD. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll need to evaluate how many pictures it takes to represent a team of people.