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Always Listening: A Consultative Approach

What do you know about pMD? Can you describe your current process? What does your ideal workflow look like? These are questions we ask every client upon engaging with them for the first time. We find that some customers know exactly what their ideal future state for charge capture, secure messaging, care coordination, or information exchange would look like while others are looking for expert guidance. pMD takes a consultative approach to each and every customer. We believe that unless we listen and understand our customers’ challenges, we would be doing our clients and ourselves a disservice.

Elizabeth, Andi, and I were on a recent implementation and experienced first hand some of the benefits of this approach and how important it is to always ask those questions. During one of the trainings with a staff member, Elizabeth had started a line of inquiry into how they schedule patients for follow-ups after they are seen in the hospital.

The staff member described their current process and went on to detail how they often relied on the patient to let them know when to schedule the follow up appointment. Many times patients were not seen in a timely fashion after discharge and this ultimately affected the quality of care for their patients. It was a problem they were aware of but had no easy way to solve it.

Thinking that there must be a better way, we consulted with several of our customers’ staff members as well as physician leadership. The situation became even more complex when we realized that different divisions of this group had a slightly different way of performing this exact same process. After some brainstorming amongst our team, we were able to come back the next day with a well designed solution, comprised of both process and technology improvements and we were able to train the staff accordingly.

The really interesting thing about this particular solution is that the issue we were solving wasn't related to charge capture, or secure messaging, or any of the other areas that a customer would typically associate with pMD! pMD, being the flexible data capture platform that it is, enables all kind of information to be routed to the people who need it, when they need it. In other words, it enables the right people to get the right information at the right time.

By actively listening all of the time, understanding the true capabilities of our software and being experts in our domain, we were able to pro-actively identify an area we could improve upon. We designed a process that enabled the physicians to electronically request different types of patient appointments to be scheduled. Whether it was for a new patient follow up in the office or labs to be scheduled for an established patient, we were able to facilitate a more efficient and effective workflow within pMD.

The feedback we receive from this kind of consultative approach can be used to drive our own process of innovation. By taking what we learn on the front lines and bringing it to the attention of our talented software engineers, we frequently come up with new ideas and better ways of serving our customers.

The implementation went very smoothly and in the end was a success with everyone. The patient schedulers and coordinators, physicians and staff members were all very happy with pMD and the services we provided, which of course makes us very happy as well!