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Breaking Medical License State Barriers for Doctors and Hospitals

One of the best parts of working at pMD is the ability to travel all over the country - from Alaska to Florida and in between - to work with our charge capture customers, taking us to states like Michigan. While this kind of travel would seem like a common practice for doing business in many industries, getting to work with customers across the country is seen as a luxury to our very own customers who don’t have the same level of access in their field of work.

It’s a lengthy and burdensome process for doctors to obtain medical licenses to treat patients in multiple states, often confining doctors to one particular state. But those limitations could soon change. The Federation of State Medical Boards has drafted an interstate compact to address this barrier to health care delivery.

“The proposed compact would create a new pathway to speed the licensing of doctors seeking to practice medicine in multiple states,” said Dr. Humayun J. Chaudhry, the president of the federation, in a recent NY Times article. “It would allow doctors to see more patients than ever before, if they want to.”

Doctors would be able to seek an expedited license in additional states, dramatically accelerating and simplifying the process. So what is driving this push for multi-state licenses by state medical boards across the country? Telemedicine technology is a large contributing factor.

Telemedicine is a growing trend in health care delivery that uses electronic communication like phone calls and two-way video to improve patient care and will benefit enormously from this law. Doctors and hospitals use telemedicine to evaluate patients and make treatment recommendations, especially in underserved areas where quality care is limited. With increased access to more geographic locations, doctors will be able to extend their care to reach exponentially more patients.

“Cross-border licensure is a strategic imperative as we move forward in this brave new world.”
-Kathleen M. Harrington, Mayo Clinic

Source: NY Times