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What are the two biggest questions hospitals should ask when evaluating charge capture and new technology? An Account Manager’s Perspective - Part I

Times have changed for physician practices over the last decade. Many of the government regulations have put more demands on the practices and hospitals with less reimbursement to show for it. Practices and healthcare organizations are hyper focused on looking for areas of opportunity that will help provide a return on investment to combat the challenges to their revenue cycle while also improving patient care.

Recently, I received a questionnaire asking about our services as a mobile charge capture software company and how we could help practices meet the new compliance standards while increasing the financial health of practices and hospitals. This medical organization was trying to figure out where to start with their evaluation of mobile charge capture.

I have worked with hundreds of practices over the years that I know are operating at a very high level of patient care while also thriving financially. These well-run organizations and practices all share similar evaluation tactics when researching new technology. They seem to focus on just two simple questions when evaluating a new software system:

1. Will this software work for us, or will we have to work for the software?
One theme that these organizations are keenly aware of is leveraging technology to work for them – not the other way around. Smart practices and hospitals want to learn from the experience of others' success, but they also recognize that the “one size fits all” approach does not work with medical technology and software. Practices are like snowflakes – they may seem similar, but no two are identical. When evaluating charge capture or any other software, it’s important to find a solution that is flexible enough to adapt to your specific workflow rather than forcing you to conform to a standard way of utilizing technology. Nobody likes a backseat driver telling you how to do your job.

2. Will this software support itself, or will we have to support the software?
Another topic that physicians and staff are constantly referencing is customer support. Any technology or software is only as good as the support that stands behind it. Everyone wants a vendor that provides great initial and on-going training, easy-to-use software, and technology that functions exactly how you expect. Of course, if you do have a question or need assistance, are you able to reach a live person who is capable of answering your question? From speaking with my customers, it only takes one time to get burned in this area to learn a valuable lesson. Do your homework and due diligence to find out what others are saying about the support with any new system. It pays dividends down the road.

Stay tuned to learn more about the biggest challenges that practices are solving with mobile technology.