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Health Care Week in Review: Anywhere to Anywhere VA Program, Morning Exercise Program for Kids, Spiritual Care, and Outrageous Medical Bills

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Here's The Latest in Health Care:

•  The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is making it their top priority to modernize the agency. The Anywhere to Anywhere initiative aims to allow VA medical providers to practice telehealth across state lines, expanding access to care for veterans who have historically encountered unreasonably long wait times at VA facilities.  Read More

•  Before-school exercise programs that allow children to run around and play for an hour before the start of school may improve children's physical and mental well-being, according to a recent study. While more research is still being conducted, we know most parents wouldn't be opposed to a program that aligns with their morning work schedules!  Read More

•  While research suggests that fewer and fewer people are religious, interest in spiritual care still remains high for patients in the hospital. Many hospitals offer spiritual services such as prayer rooms and support from chaplains. To prepare for the rigors of hospital jobs, chaplains often undergo training, which sometimes includes an interfaith approach.  Read More

•  A patient goes in for a urine test and comes out with a $17,850 bill. Sounds ridiculous, right? While this bill was wildly excessive, prices for urine tests, especially those for patients with chronic pain at high risk of opioid abuse, can vary widely depending on the complexity and technology used. Bills can continue to climb as labs check for levels of multiple drugs and bill for each one.  Read More

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