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Health Care Week in Review: Gluten-Free Diet Consequences, Curbing Alert Fatigue, Head of CMS Nomination, Vitamin D May Prevent Colds

Here's The Latest in Health Care:

•  The unintended consequences of a gluten-free diet? Increased blood levels of arsenic and mercury, apparently. While everyone has some trace amount of arsenic and mercury in their blood, those on a gluten-free diet tend to have higher than average levels due to eating many rice-based products. Rice, it turns out, absorbs metals from water and soil.  While the health impacts at these levels are still unknown, it's good to keep in mind how much more rice gluten-free eaters are potentially consuming.  Read More

•  In an age where technology is ever prevalent in the health care setting, clinicians are often bombarded with daily alerts and alarms, causing alert fatigue and proving ineffective from its intended use. Dr. Vitaly Herasevich of the Mayo Clinic proposes a smart system to be put in place in order to curb this phenomenon. The idea is to issue alerts only in a situation when clinical providers fail to do the intended action as opposed to a reminder-like alert. This approach decreases unnecessary alerts while easing cognitive overload.  Read More

•  Trump's nomination for head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) faced ethics questions this Thursday after nearly 3 hours of questioning during her confirmation hearings. Democrats raised ethics questions about Seema Verma's consulting firm and whether the work she did there conflicted with her public duties in Indiana.  Read More

•  New studies have found that vitamin D helps reduce the risk of respiratory infections, including colds and flu, especially in those who are vitamin D deficient. However, not everyone is convinced that we should all be heading to the supplement aisle. If you're already getting the recommended daily dose of vitamin D from your diet, a supplement may not lead to any further benefit.  Read More

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