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Health Care Week in Review: Lack of Hospital Interoperability, Household Items Contain BPA, IOT Medical Devices, Gene Therapy Halts Brain Disease

Image:  Healthcare IT News

Here's The Latest in Health Care:

•  On Monday, Health Affairs published research indicating that less than 30% of health system EHRs are fully interoperable, and fewer than 20% of them actually use the data transferred from another provider. Hospitals are urged to demand better interoperability, especially when it comes to discussions about bundled payments.  Read More

•  Bisphenol A, or BPA, is prevalent in many household plastic products, such as food storage containers and water bottles as well as the inside lining of many metal cans, which prevents the leaching of aluminum taste into food or drink. Manufacturers are not required to disclose the use of BPA in their products. Consumption of BPA may be cause for health concerns down the line, so take precautions and do your research!  Read More

•  Internet of Things medical devices are prime targets for cybercriminals. It is imperative for health care systems to take these 5 steps to prevent hackers from gaining access to health information. First, security systems should segment their networks. Second, health care execs should think beyond just network security and consider building security into applications. Third, hospitals must implement authorization protocols. Fourth, health care CIOs should always assess risk and improvement. And lastly, organizations should always monitor device behavior.  Read More

•  A gene therapy milestone had been reached for the first time as doctors were able to hold off a fatal degenerative brain disease, predominantly diagnosed in young boys, with the use of a disabled form of HIV.  Read More

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