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Health Care Week in Review: Medical Device Security Tips, Sugar-Free Gelato, Funding for Health Care Programs, Rise in Fetal Alcohol Disorders

Image: Irina Marwan/Getty Images

Here's The Latest in Health Care:

•  Experts in health care IT rank device cybersecurity as number one on a list of top 10 challenges facing health care in 2018.  Some tips on how to enhance medical device security? Buying medical devices equipped with the proper security tools and conducting an inventory of medical devices and related software as part of the purchasing process are just some of the measures health care facilities can take to protect themselves from future cyber attacks.  Read More

•  Gelato is more than just a delicious, cold treat on a hot summer day. The math behind the ratio of ingredients is what makes gelato a desired dessert and skimping on sugar, which is considered critical in creating that smooth consistency, could be disastrous. However, new technology aims to remove sugar from gelato without taking away from the flavor.  Read More

•  A new spending measure, passed by the House of Representatives this Tuesday, includes funding for several health care programs for two years. However, the House bill is likely to undergo significant rewrites in the Senate to pave the way for long-term spending.  Read More

•  In a recent study published on Tuesday in the journal JAMA, researchers found that fetal alcohol syndrome and other alcohol-related disorders among children in the U.S. are as common as autism. This statistic is more that previously thought. These children suffer from neurological damage caused by mothers drinking alcohol during pregnancy.  Read More

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