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Health Care Week In Review: Precision Cancer Test, Primary Care Workforce Increases, Zika Infection in Florida, Microhospitals Emerge

Here's The Latest in Health Care:

•  A new genome sequencing test that detects mutations can guide cancer treatment with more than 95 percent accuracy. Scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine say EXaCT-1 has proven to be reliable and reproducible. How does it work? EXaCT-1 scans 21,000 genes and detects genetic mutations that drive cancer. It's about a three-week process on average but may be feasible to perform the test in only 6 days. Source

• The government plans to invest more than $149 million to increase the primary care workforce in the U.S. The funds will go towards 12 different health care workforce programs across the country and will promote education and training for health care professionals, increasing presence in high-need areas. Source

• A second possible locally-transmitted Zika infection in Florida is being investigated. There are more than 1,300 confirmed Zika cases in the U.S. but all have been contracted abroad. If either of these two cases are confirmed, it would be the first time a person has been infected by a mosquito carrying the virus in the continental U.S. Source

• Microhospitals are popping up in fast-growing urban and suburban markets. These tiny, full-service hospitals provide residents quicker access to emergency care and possible other services such as outpatient surgery and primary care. Microhospitals have the potential to help medically underserved areas, where currently they're most prevalent in larger urban and suburban metro areas.  Source


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