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Health Care Week In Review: Smoking Ban, Proposed ACA Replacement, Fake News, 21st Century Cures Act


Here's The Latest in Health Care:

• On Wednesday, the Obama administration issued a rule banning smoking in all public housing units nationwide. The Department of Housing and Urban Development will give housing agencies 18 months to bring their buildings into compliance. This rule applies to any lit tobacco products in indoor areas, as well as outdoor areas within 25 feet from public housing complexes. Read More

• Health Secretary nominee, Representative Tom Price of Georgia, is one of the first lawmakers to draft a full replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Some highlights from his proposed bill include tax credits for the purchase of individual and family health insurance policies, eliminating federal requirement for most Americans to have health insurance, allowing insurers that are licensed in one state to sell policies to residents of other states, all in addition to a long list of proposed changes. Read More

• The spread of low-quality medical information or fake news among popular social media sites could have negative effects on the medical community. Many online readers fail to read past poorly crafted headlines or rely heavily on crowd-sourced responses in group messaging boards, which may contain potentially harmful or medically inaccurate advice. Patients are advised to seek information from a health professional who knows their medical history, and physicians, in turn, should guide their patients toward more reliable information.  Read More

• The 21st Century Cures Act, passed by the U.S. House of Representatives this Wednesday, is the largest healthcare-focused legislation since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The $6.3 billion in provisions will fund federal agencies aimed at improving disease therapies, mental health treatment and fighting the opioid crisis. Additional initiatives that will benefit from these funds include the Precision Medicine Initiative and BRAIN Initiative spearheaded by President Barack Obama, as well as Vice President Joe Biden's Cancer Moonshot program. Read More

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