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Health Exchange Video: The Style Boards
We are right in the heart of creating our health information exchange (HIE) video - the fourth in our set of creative and educational videos. After starting off with the story selection and script, we’ve completed the voice over and are now onto the style boards. There has been a lot of excitement built up because this is where things get visual and the story gets a beautiful face. It’s a lot like putting a face to the name of a person you’ve talked with for so long and now finally get to see what they look like.

Our friends at Belljar have created a series of illustrative, hand-drawn slides so that we can see what our video will look like. These slides serve to give us a sense of the style and imagery that the HIE software video will embody. It takes a little bit of imagination and foresight to visualize how these drawings will come to life in video animation, as well as trust in the artist’s direction to fill in the rest of the frames.

The HIE video opens onto a scene with an ancient Greek inventor in a toga sketching out an invention on a piece of papyrus. We soon find out that this “brilliant” invention is a goat’s collar that can carry a scroll from one place to another. Not only does the poor goat become tired in his journey to deliver the scroll, but he becomes hungry too. So naturally, the important message becomes his afternoon snack. Fast forward to today, and the medical industry is still facing problems with transferring medical records on paper.

pMD’s health information exchange is depicted by a magic-like electronic flow of information between health systems, practitioners, and patients. Our signore goat can rest easy knowing that he no longer has to make the long, tedious trek to deliver paper medical records between doctors. Rather, the goat can leave the information exchange to pMD and focus on what he does best - which incidentally, is eating the paper.

“Long ago, ancient Greeks invented the first of what would be a long line of brilliant medical file-sharing systems. It was called: the goat.”

“Fast forward to the 21st century, and medical records are still shared on a technology invented 3000 years ago.”

“Here, records and clinical information are gathered electronically, and shared seamlessly.”