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Negative Reinforcement for Fitness…and Charge Capture?

Well, here it is: the app you never really wanted. A fitness wristband called the Pavlok is due out next year. For $149.99 (pre-ordered) you can receive an electric shock if you miss a workout or hit the snooze button. No word on whether this will turn couch potatoes into fitness buffs or simply crispy fries, but it does make me wonder about negative reinforcement and its positive effects.

The creator of the the Pavlok, Maneesh Sethi, came up with the idea after he hired a woman to slap him each time he checked Facebook during the day. He claims that his productivity quadrupled. After using the Pavlok prototype for a year, he claims to have lost weight.

Shocks and slaps may not be part of an ideal charge capture solution, but these ideas came about because negative reinforcement can be an effective way to change behavior. In a charge capture product, what could negative reinforcement look like? We’ve heard from a group that fines health care providers if charges aren’t submitted to the billing office within 24 hours of the patient visit. The threat of fines motivates providers to submit visit information in a timely manner, and the group is seeing very little lag between the time of visit and time of charge entry. It’s working!

Negative reinforcement to motivate health care professionals to improve an existing charge capture process or secure messaging solution could take many forms. An alarm that rings at a set time everyday until daily charges have been entered? An email blast to administrators about the number of visits entered? Electric shocks would be reserved for texting PHI unsecurely (just kidding!).

Thank goodness we’re in the business of making doctors happy. The alternative is shocking. I must be getting to the gym now.

Source: Pavlok