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New Website: Creative Brief

We didn’t throw a party or even order a cake… mostly because we forgot. We spent two years working on our current website with late-night debates, such as one over a cartoon’s eyes (“Does the doctor look like he’s on something?” “I don’t know… his eyes just look like dots to me…”), and we are belated in wishing it and all of our hard work a happy second birthday.

Our current website debuted in August of 2012. We were excited about its interesting navigation, three-dimensional papercut artwork, fun images, and clean and open feel. It was beautiful. It was award-winning. It was the anti-boring medical software message that we wanted to send out to the world.

pMD isn’t like other charge capture software companies, and we wanted to reflect that. The website is often people’s first exposure to pMD, and we wanted it to be fun. We wanted it to attract sales leads, customers, and future employees that were smart and fun to work with, and to ward off people who don’t share our ideals.

After the debut of our current website, we saw an increase in good sales leads and great recruiting candidates. And we also saw opportunities to improve it. The interesting navigation was too interesting for some people and some platforms. The three-dimensional papercut artwork lost a degree of impressiveness on a small screen. Recruits didn’t get a sense of our storied company history, and future customers and Google couldn’t find our non-SEO optimized pages.

We realized that our website wasn’t out-dated and didn’t have a case of the ‘terrible 2s,’but we had an opportunity to take something great and make it even better. We are taking the feedback on our current website to build a new and improved website, and we’ll be blogging about our redesign here on the blog.

As a first step in the redesign project, we wrote a creative brief to outline what we want our website to accomplish. Our goals for a new website are similar to our goals for our current website, but we are hoping to do an even better job at executing them. Putting our ideals into words was a helpful place to begin the process so that our ambitious and opinionated team would move forward with a common goal. We hope that you will find the new and improved website and the journey to the new website “smart, approachable, and fun.”