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pMD Makes More Than Just Doctors Happy

As a developer at pMD for the past few years, it's fun to be directly involved in shaping how pMD “Makes Doctors Happy". From a reliable mobile software that's actually easy to use, to eliminating paperwork, to real-time secure messaging, I thought I had seen all of the different ways that pMD could benefit a doctor. That is until my most recent trip to Dallas for a group rollout at seven satellite offices. As it turns out, pMD doesn't only make doctors happy at work, but at home too!

On a training in Fort Worth, I worked with two doctors to figure out the best way to utilize pMD for their hospital patient handoff. They had been emailing each other weekly about their patients as many pre-pMD groups I've worked with before have done. After presenting the traditional way of organizing handoff notes in pMD with a shared mobile list, one of the doctors, Dr. D, joked to the other doctor, "Oh man, your wife is going to love this!" We all had a quick laugh and I asked "Is your wife a doctor too?" thinking she could benefit from using pMD as well. Before Dr. A could answer, Dr. D jumped in with "No, it takes him over an hour to do his handoff notes, so now his wife won't lose him in the black hole of emails every Sunday night!" All Dr. A could do was laugh and nod in sheepish agreement, finally answering "It's true. When I tell her I have to go do my emails, she knows that's her cue to go find something else to do by herself." It was one of the more humorous endings to a training that I've had in a long time and it was enjoyable to learn about another indirect benefit of our mobile software. Perhaps we should change our slogan to "pMD Makes Doctors (And Their Spouses) Happy!"