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Predictions of Apple 2014 Q2 Earnings Report From Medical, Charge Capture Users

Apple will be releasing its earnings report later today, and we at pMD were wondering if we could predict or corroborate the existing market expectation: Apple went sideways in Q2. I wrote earlier that in the mobile wars, Android is gaining on iOS, but that in our niche (charge capture and secure messaging for medical professionals), Apple is still dominant. The question is, has anything changed in the pMD device breakdown between the last earnings call and today?

Before revealing the numbers, it’s important to note that our company inevitably and officially ended support for BlackBerry on March 31, so there was a forced migration of 1.22 percent of our users to Android and iOS devices. How does this affect the trends? We're not sure, but it's not going to stop us from making wild predictions, kind of.

Looking at the charts, Android gained 0.8 percent and iOS gained 0.45 percent market share among doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants using pMD. This supports the lackluster market expectations, and if anything else, hints at even lower expectations for the Q2 results. With that said, eyes (medical and otherwise) are already set on rumors and hopes of Apple announcements in June.