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Predictions of Apple 2014 Q3 Earnings Report From Medical Charge Capture Users

Today is a special day, a marvelous day, a miraculous day… Well, it is if you enjoy numbers, charts, and everything about Apple. July 22 marks the end of Apple's third quarter, meaning that it's time for their much anticipated Q3 Earnings Report.

As a mobile charge capture company, we have to stay informed on the latest smartphone developments and their manufacturers. Our very own Señor Goat has been reporting on pMD’s mobile market share every Friday, and it’s our quarterly opportunity to see how our biggest slice of the pie is doing. Let's take a look at pMD's mobile device breakdown between Apple’s last earnings call in April and today. Perhaps we may have a correlation between Apple’s numbers and pMD’s.

Although, before we get to the numbers, which I know you're super anxious to find out, let’s consider some rumors that have been flying around Apple lately. First off, it’s expected that the iPhone 6 will take the stage in September of this year, with a larger screen, new form factor, and a variety of new functionality. Also expected is the iWatch, possibly announced within the coming months. Currently, the iWatch is a rather mysterious and elusive device, but it could prove to be a game changer in the mobile sphere.

Now to the numbers from today:

Looking at the charts, Android took away 0.3 percent from iOS market share among doctors and other health care providers using pMD. Given these numbers, the Q3 story looks uncertain for Apple. But let’s look at this from another angle: considering that the market is expecting Apple to lose market share, our numbers show that Apple is, in fact, still holding steady. So, given our logic, this should indicate that we’ll see an upside surprise during Apple’s earnings report. Will our numbers correlate with Apple? We’ll find out at 2 p.m. PDT.