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Predictions of Apple 2015 Q1 Earnings Report from Medical Charge Capture Users
Apple is gearing up to report their Q1 FY15 Earnings on Tuesday, January 27th, and as usual we’d like to chime in from the roots of the grass of the medical technology world to predict how Apple market share has been faring.

Since Q4 FY14, the market share among our growing physician charge capture user base remains stable with a mild increase in Android usage. Looks like the holidays saw proportional gifts from both platforms.

Even though Apple did not gain any ground on our Android users, the iPhone 6/6+ achieved a very large and impressive number of upgrades among preexisting iOS users, particularly from the iPhone 5 segment.

Given these numbers and trends, we feel that Apple stock will have minimal upward pressure from changes in market share, but the large number of upgrades may provide a strong bullish indicator. Although the unknown impact of the Apple Watch is already priced in, it still holds quite a bit of uncertainty in the coming months.