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Predictions of Apple Q1 Earnings from Medical Charge Capture and Secure Messaging Users
The big day that Apple enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting is just a day away, and we’re here to play the prediction game for Apple’s Q1 performance based on our own little set of data from the mobile health care consumer base. After all, researchers estimate that over 80 percent of health care providers use smartphones in their work, so it’s enough for us to make some sort of prediction on how the fruit and robot devices are doing in the real world.

iOS vs. Android:

Apple has always been the dominant device of choice among pMD’s mobile charge capture and secure text messaging physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants. Throughout the quarter we saw Apple’s portion of the mobile device pie fluctuate from week to week, finally closing out the quarter with a strong 0.4 percent net increase over Android.

iPhone by Model:

There were also small shifts within the iPhone population itself as we had the first full quarter to gauge the performance of the 6S devices. To little surprise, the 6S saw a slow uptake among users, who were still holding onto the popular iPhone 6 models. This behavior is typical of most second models in the same body for iPhones.

So does Apple’s increase amongst pMD’s mobile users indicate that Apple is doing well, or that Android is doing poorly? Or a bit of both? Or perhaps it’s all for naught because what really matters is what Apple tells us in their quarterly earnings report tomorrow. For what it’s worth, we think that these numbers from our medical users indicate a bullish Q1 earnings report for Apple. Will our numbers match Apple’s? Find out tomorrow, 1/25 at 2pm PT.