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Happy Apple Earnings Report Day! While not officially a holiday, today we eagerly await the earnings goodies that Apple will bring us from this past quarter. We’ve waited 91 days since the last earnings report and the day is finally here to find out how Apple fared in Q2.

As a mobile software company, we try to stay up to date on the latest smartphone developments. Señor Goat reports on pMD’s mobile market share each Friday, and if you’ve read even one of the posts, you know that Apple is the dominant device of choice for health care providers (in our little niche market, at least).

So let's take a look at pMD's mobile device breakdown between Apple’s last earnings call in January and today. We may - or may not - have a correlation between Apple’s numbers and pMD’s.

iOS vs. Android:

iPhone By Model:

Last quarter we saw a 0.2 percent increase in iPhone and iPad devices among pMD’s doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. And although some providers did upgrade their iPhones to the 6S, many providers seem to be holding onto their old phones. These lackluster device upgrade numbers may indicate a sluggish Q2 performance in the uber-competitive smartphone market.

Despite our own slight increase in iPhones versus Androids, industry analysts are expecting Apple to have its worst quarter in 13 years. Tim Cook even predicted back in January that iPhone sales would fall for the first time in history. Considering these looming concerns, many people aren’t so optimistic about Apple’s earnings this past quarter. Talk about setting the bar low! We’ll just have to find out whether or not Apple will meet or exceed expectations at 2pm PT.