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Predictions of Apple Q3 Earnings from Medical Charge Capture and Secure Messaging Users
Apple will be announcing their third quarter earnings report this afternoon and the financial pundits are all abuzz with their speculations. The all-too-familiar doomsday reports have us wondering if it's groundhog quarter all over again. "Earnings plunge", "downgraded to sell", "iPhone decline", and a "stock slump" are just some of the chipper forecasts from analysts for today.

We've been following mobile trends among the physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who use pMD's charge capture and secure messaging software to see how they stack up against the general market trends. Some of our past Apple earnings predictions have been spot on and others have missed the mark, but the data comparison quarter over quarter is compelling nonetheless.

iOS vs. Android:

Although Apple is the indisputable favorite among health care providers, Apple lost almost half a percent of market share to Android among pMD’s users over the quarter. The decline in Apple devices may be a bad omen for Apple’s earnings this past quarter and supports the lackluster expectations swirling around the Internet.

iPhone By Model:

Looking at the iPhone by model breakdown, iPhone 6S owners grew by a slim margin and the 6 saw a decrease in overall users. Older models of the iPhone are slowly being phased out by newer models, but we’re not seeing the same upgrade rate than we’re accustomed to from Apple devotees. The release of the iPhone 7 in September may reverse this eye-raising trend, and considering that the iPhone accounts for two-thirds of Apple’s revenue, you can bet Apple is up for the challenge. We'll be eagerly awaiting Tim Cook's much anticipated Apple earnings announcement and Q4 plan at 2pm PT today.