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Predictions of Apple Q4 Earnings from Medical Charge Capture and Secure Messaging Users
A new quarter, a new Apple earnings report. Apple will be announcing their much anticipated Q4 earnings for the 2015 fiscal year tomorrow...but not before the market has an opportunity to weigh in on just how well, or how poorly they think Apple has fared. A dominant population of pMD’s physicians use the software on iPhone and iPad devices, and given our close weekly device tracking between iOS and Android, we want in on the speculation party.

Last quarter we saw a slight increase in iPhone and iPad devices among pMD’s doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, most of which came after the iPhone 6s was released in September.

iOS vs. Android:

Taking a look at the internal iPhone growth by model, there has been steady improvement with the adoption of newer devices over the span of just one quarter. We finally took the iPhone 4 off the chart because it’s so ancient that Apple doesn’t even support that thing anymore.

iPhone by Model:

Deducing from our latest mobile device numbers, your doctor may be more likely to have an iPhone over an Android after this past quarter, so we think that could be a strong indicator of a juicy overall performance for Apple. We'll also have a full quarter's-worth of sales stats for the Apple Watch, and although Apple has kept those numbers close to its chest, analysts have estimated sluggish uptake of the digital wrist-accoutrement. Besides, the lack of interest among pMD's own customer base for the Apple Watch may confirm the analysts' theory. Of course, the professional analysts treat Apple like overly-ambitious parents treat their only child: if they don’t out-perform and exceed their highest expectations, they might as well have failed. (And we’re the uncle that’s cheering them on from the side.)

We’ll be eagerly awaiting Apple’s announcement when they reveal the final Q4 FY15 numbers tomorrow at 2pm PT!