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Tales from pMD Travel: Day 3
We started day three of our trip with a short drive to our meeting in Cincinnati, and we arrived early since hospitals are labyrinths. This hospital was especially bad, and we felt like Lewis and Clark when we finally found the right office.

Anthony and I met with Marilyn Orr, Dr. Christopher Orabella, and the staff at a pulmonary practice that uses pMD charge capture. They were excited about using pMD’s HIPAA-compliant messaging option in the hospital, and we talked to them about updating their providers’ phones and operating systems to iOS 7 so that they can take full advantage of messaging. We had a great discussion with the group, and it was motivating to see how many levels of the practice that pMD Messaging will help.

While we were in our meeting, our pilot relocated the plane to a nearby airport. We were back in the air about 15 minutes after leaving the hospital, bidding a fond farewell to Cincinnati and en route to Gary, Ind.

Based on the number of abandoned buildings, most people have left Gary. We did the same. We had a delicious lunch in Hobart, Ind. that left an unfortunately placed grease stain on my skirt before we went to meet a doctor for a charge capture training.

Hobart, Ind. This sign was posted outside of a physician’s office. We didn’t even consider driving on the sidewalk until they suggested that it could be done.

We enjoyed the people watching and WiFi in the doctor's office while we waited for him to finish seeing patients at the hospital. We knew that this neurologist wasn’t excited about pMD going into the training, but we still had a nice time working with him and hearing his story. Like most doctors who seem resistant to using mobile charge capture, he wasn’t trying to be difficult. He was just trying to make sure that he didn’t lose any time with his patients. This was great news for us since this is exactly why we are in this business.

From Hobart, we drove through a storm to Merrillville, Ind. to meet with one of our nephrology groups about Transitional Care Management (TCM) functionality and pMD Messaging. The group was excited to implement both of these features in pMD since it will help them increase their patient satisfaction, revenue, and communication.

Merrillville, Ind. We storm chased the Midwest, and the storm won. We delayed our flight out of Indiana to wait for the air traffic around Chicago to clear.

Some of the group was delayed because of the storm, so we worked with the first doctor from our car and stayed late to meet with the rest of the group. We ate a quick dinner that ended my 10-year streak of no Taco Bell before we found out that we would be spending the night in Indiana due to the lightning, wind, and rain in the Chicago area.

Merrillville, Ind. Anthony did his first pMD car training when we were locked out of an office. I risked getting struck by lightening to let Dr. Kadiyala have shot gun.