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Tales from pMD Travel: Day 4
After three days of a lot of customer visits, take offs and landings, naps, and weather changes, Anthony and I were excited that the skies were clear enough for us to fly out of Gary, Ind. and back to California.

Since our pilot let us choose our fuel stops along the way, we stopped in South Dakota and fulfilled our elementary school dreams of visiting Mount Rushmore. The mountain was carved to generate tourism in the state, and we were two of more than two million who will visit it this year.

Anthony helped pilot our plane to our next stop in Logan, Utah, and I helped to fly us over the Great Salt Lake and Lake Tahoe. We both got to hear fun stories from our captain and reflected on how much we had done over the last few days.

I am a strong supporter of staying busy and making the most of each day, but even I was exhausted. Each town that we visited had its own political landscape and personality, and we had to keep up with the changing conversations without forgetting where we were at any given time.

The trip gave me a greater appreciation for the country, aviation, the great Anthony Tsang, and people. Our customers and everyone that we met along the way generously shared their recommendations, expertise, and personalities with us.

It was a great trip with a great ending. Since we were contending with strong headwinds and were late getting back to California, our pilot “dropped me off” at the airport in Napa so that I wouldn’t be late to a Wine Country wedding weekend. I happily accepted a complimentary bottle of wine (or $100 bottle of wine if you consider the cost of just landing at the airport), and waved goodbye to Anthony who continued on to the Bay Area.