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Tell Me About Yourself
When we work with medical organizations evaluating pMD charge capture and secure messaging, we ask some probing questions to really get to the heart of their needs. Each group is unique and has different areas where pMD’s software can help them to become more efficient and happy.

We ask these questions to uncover some truths about a practice so we can work well with them and for them. We take a similar approach to finding the right candidate to join the pMD team. It’s important to a find out about a candidate’s interests, strengths, and struggles. The goal is to truly get to know the candidate and determine if pMD’s amazing team is the next professional home for him or her… and then they can in turn ask questions to get to know our customers.

Interview questions can range from the basic “Tell me about yourself” to the bizarre. An Apple interview might include the question, “If you were a pizza deliveryman how would you benefit from scissors?” and an interview at Trader Joe’s could really keep you on your toes with, “What do you think about garden gnomes?”

While we might not be talking about the unique benefits of scissors or the obvious troll scaring benefits of garden gnomes with our candidates at pMD, we do ask questions that are designed to help us find candidates who can describe their professional experience articulately. We ask questions that will help us to understand if changing health care in America is a passion or a passing interest. And we ask questions that will give us a sense of just how geeky and tech-minded the candidate is - because after all we’re not just health care, we’re software, too!