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The Cloud Confusion

The “cloud” is one of the most overused buzzwords being repeated within the software industry today. When I hear this word, I think of the fluffy pillow-like cumulonimbus flying overhead. For most consumers, the cloud is a metaphor for the Internet and what handles their email, flight delay alerts, and provides real time traffic information. But what is the cloud really and why should you care about it? Is the cloud simply another name for the Internet or is it something more?

During a recent conversation with a charge capture customer, I was shocked when they were under the assumption that all of their data would be transmitted from their phone and stored “in Verizon Wireless.” It made me realize just how foreign the cloud concept can be. The reality is that the cloud is a promise. It’s the promise for someone to be able to access electronic information such as files, and services such as email, from anywhere.

This promise is enabled by massive amounts of computing power that are housed in specialized buildings called data centers. Some very large companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and Google own large numbers of dedicated data centers in order to keep their promises to their customers. Apple’s photo sharing services, Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Office 365 are all enabled by computing power hidden inside these data centers.

In order to manage all of that computing power within a data center, a specialized management software is used. Some of the aforementioned companies, Amazon for example, provide this environment on a usage-basis to companies who don't have the resources to build and manage all of the computing power necessary to keep their promise to their own customers.

So now that we've established that the cloud is the combination of computing power and the services necessary to keep a promise, how does pMD keep ours? Hint: It has nothing to do with a cumulonimbus!

pMD has an excellent track record of keeping our promise to our customers. We've designed and continue to improve a state-of-the-art private platform housed within top tier data centers in both San Francisco and Chicago. There are many benefits to doing this, not the least of which are security and control. Not all cloud platforms are created equal, and the very best require a concerted technical effort. Our private, dedicated, redundant computing platform is what gives us the ability to keep our promise.