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The Great Disruptor: Apple's Macintosh Computer
Apple celebrated the 30th birthday of its Macintosh computer this January, reminding the world just how influential this computer and Apple’s technology has been since its birth. Whether you've been following the Mac revolution for the last 30 years, own an iPhone, or simply watched Ashton Kutcher's movie "Jobs" that one time on a plane flight, you recognize the impact the Mac has had not only on the personal computer but across so many different markets.

The Mac has come a long way since it captured the world's attention in 1984, largely due to Apple's disruptive innovation throughout multiple industries. Innovation doesn't mean sticking with the present state because people are content with what they have. It means pushing boundaries, knowing that things can always be improved, risking failure, and disrupting the status quo. And Apple has done just that, affecting markets like publishing, education, and music. The Mac has spawned many creative and impactful devices, and changed the way we look at personal computing. For example, the iPhone, which is essentially a sleek, portable mini-computer, offers the same extensive range of functions that a computer has.

The iPhone has had a huge impact on charge capture, acting as an intuitive and extremely usable mobile platform. It has allowed for the development of innovative charge capture software that has greatly improved the workflows of doctors and medical practices. But what seems like the most efficient and cutting edge charge capture technology today will ultimately disrupt itself down the line as people and companies reinvent it with even greater, unprecedented innovations.

The following article, told from the perspective of an industry analyst who witnessed Steve Jobs walk across the stage in 1984 and unveil the Mac, gives a unique account of the Mac's colorful and influential history. It talks about some of the markets that Apple has impacted and how they were able to do so through their disruptive innovation.