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This week in health care (4/24/15)

Here's What You May or May Not Have Missed This Week:

• CMS put forth a payment formula reform that will increase hospital inpatient payments by 1.1 percent for the 2016 fiscal year. The increase is down from last year's 1.4 percent raise. By law, CMS must update payment rates for Inpatient Prospective Payment System hospitals every year and must account for changes in the costs of goods and services used by these hospitals in treating Medicare patients. Source

• An analysis found that the overall number of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) has increased to 585 at the start of 2014, and that nearly 70 percent of Americans live in a region served by an accountable care organization. Approximately 5.6 million Medicare patients, or 11 percent, will receive their health care from an ACO this year. Source

• A controversial bill that would limit "personal belief" exemptions to school district vaccination requirements passed in a 7-2 vote this week and will now go before the judiciary committee for review. A study was also released this week by the Journal of the American Medical Association that showed even more evidence that childhood immunizations are not linked to autism. The recent surge in number of measles cases puts pressure on public health officials and lawmakers to boost vaccination rates and end exemptions. Source

On The Front Lines:

For the fifth week in a row, Apple has lost mobile market share to Android among pMD's physician charge capture users. To Android's glee, Apple's 0.11 percent loss this week puts the total drop at 0.38 percent. The first shipment of Apple Watches arrives in stores today, and with it are more than 3,000 new third-party apps for the new smartwatch.


iOS: 90.38%
Android: 9.62%

Each Friday, Signor Goat reports the latest from the week in health care alongside the front lines of the iOS-Android wars among pMD's physician charge capture users. Check back next Friday for your dose of our little medical corner of health care news.