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This week in health care (8/21/15)

Here's What You May or May Not Have Missed This Week:

• Researchers at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston recently published a study on what happens when patients have access to their doctor’s notes. Five years of data showed that not only is the arrangement beneficial to patients, but also to doctors and to the accuracy and quality of the notes. Researchers at Beth Israel have found that patients with access to clinician notes were more engaged and saw better outcomes. Source

• Proposed CMS reporting requirements for doctors who treat sepsis, one of the top drivers of costs, readmissions and mortality for hospitals, are drawing criticism from providers. Under the new requirements set to take effect in October, providers must take several steps to treat severe sepsis and/or septic shock within the first three hours of care. Some providers argue that the definition of severe sepsis by CMS is arbitrary and could lead doctors to treat patients for sepsis when they may not actually have it. Source

• The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the "2015 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge," a national initiative to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes by 2017 through clinical approaches such as using health information technology. The challenge is “designed to identify and honor clinicians and health care teams that have helped their patients control high blood pressure and prevent heart attacks and strokes.” Source

On The Front Lines:

This week Apple gained back 0.03 percent of the mobile device market share from Android among pMD's physician users. Apple has been making some optimizations with its software this week, announcing that they have moved to a hot new technology that will ensure Siri continues to be even faster and cheaper to run.


iOS: 89.99%
Android: 10.01%

Each Friday, Signor Goat reports the latest from the week in health care alongside the front lines of the iOS-Android wars among pMD's physician charge capture users. Check back next Friday for your dose of our little medical corner of health care news.