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This Week in Health Care: Alert Fatigue, Shopping for Doctors, Few Experience Care Coordination Benefits

Here's What You May or May Not Have Missed This Week:

• Receiving constant reminder pop-up alerts can do more harm than good. Nurses, doctors and pharmacists are getting hit with too much information through automated alerts from their electronic health record systems, causing alert fatigue in which these interruptions can turn into noise to be ignored. Clinicians ignore safety notifications between 49 percent and 96 percent of the time. Long term solutions are being tested and designed to offset the need for so many system warnings and alerts. Source

• Companies like Castlight are providing the tools necessary for price transparency when searching for providers online. Insurance companies, hospitals and doctors are, more often than not, resistant to the idea of making their negotiated prices available online, so there is the added challenge of obtaining these prices and other crucial information. The hope is for companies like Castlight to provide employers with the right tools to help their workers make better medical decisions. Source

• A survey conducted by Neilsen Strategic Health Perspectives and the Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP) has found that only 49% of respondents said their doctors were able to share information about their health. Additional studies and surveys have found that while effective care coordination can improve outcomes for patients, only half or fewer than half of patients are experiencing those benefits. Source


On The Front Lines:

Android crushed Apple with a 0.24% surge in total devices this week. Could Google's hefty incentives as part of the Android Security Rewards program be the reason for the spike?


iOS: 90.27%
Android: 9.73%

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