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This Week in Health Care: Care Coordination Challenges, Medicare Bonuses, Zika in the U.S.

Here's What You May or May Not Have Missed This Week:

• Why are some organizations experiencing ineffective care coordination? In short, poor communication. Health care systems are disjointed, patients are often left out of the loop in their own care, and information between specialists and primary care physicians is not often relayed. While new technologies are being introduced into the health care industry, often these technological issues can complicate the communication that is necessary for effective care coordination, such as multiple systems that don't talk to each other.  As health care systems rapidly transition to value-based care models, there are high hopes for the future success of care coordination.  Source

•  Bonuses to 231 subpar quality hospitals were paid out by the federal government because their patients tend to be less expensive for Medicare. The Affordable Care Act's intended incentive goals hardly had this in mind when rewarding hospitals for mediocre quality of care. These hospitals with below average scores on quality measures were rewarded bonuses because caring for their patients during their stays and 30 days post-discharge cost Medicare less than what it cost at half of hospitals evaluated in the program. In a statement, CMS said it would consider revising the program for future years and will take into account scores that fall below the median for quality.  Source

• Reported cases of the Zika virus are making their way throughout the U.S. The latest from the CDC indicates that there are now 472 travel-related cases of the virus reported in the U.S., 10 of which were sexually transmitted. Pregnant women are cautioned to avoid traveling to areas with Zika and to strictly follow steps to prevent mosquito bites. Research efforts are underway worldwide in an effort to halt the advancement of this rapidly-spreading virus.  Source


On The Front Lines:

With Apple off to a rocky start heading into Q3, it's no surprise that Android has taken the crown for the second week in a row. While only a mere 0.02 percent take away this week, small victories may lead to big wins for the future of Android.



iOS: 90.68%
Android: 9.32%

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