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This week in health care: Heartburn Drug Risks, Meaningful Use, Uber for Patients

Here's What You May or May Not Have Missed This Week:

• A new study released in JAMA found that popular heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux medicines may significantly elevate the chances of developing chronic kidney disease. Researchers studied the medical records of over a quarter million people and followed over 10,000 people, concluding that the use of the drugs was independently associated with a 20-50 percent higher risk of chronic kidney disease. Source

• Andy Slavitt, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), announced that the agency may replace the meaningful use program in 2016. Slavitt talked about the meaningful use program at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco this week and summarized his comments in a series of tweets. "In 2016, MU (meaningful use) as it has existed — with MACRA — will now be effectively over and replaced with something better," wrote Slavitt. Source

• MedStar Health is collaborating with Uber to expand transportation options for patients and increase access to health care appointments. Patients can log into the "Ride with Uber" app, submit their appointment data through a form, view wait times and approximate costs for their visits, and then request a ride. Studies have shown that transportation is one of the top reasons patients miss appointments and estimate that missed appointments can cost the US health care system up to $150 billion each year. Source

On The Front Lines:

Apple lost 0.07 percent of the mobile device marketshare to Android this week among pMD's charge capture physician users. Apple has been feeling the sting of the market decline, with shares seeing a 29% drop from the stock's high in May last year.


iOS: 90.65%
Android: 9.35%

Each Friday, Signor Goat reports the latest from the week in health care alongside the front lines of the iOS-Android wars among pMD's physician charge capture users. Check back next Friday for your dose of our little medical corner of health care news.