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This Week in Health Care: Meaningful Use Deadline, Sodium Warnings, Google Health IT Initiative

Here's What You May or May Not Have Missed This Week:

• The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced an extension for hospitals, physicians, and other eligible professionals to file their "hardship exemption" applications for meaningful use requirements. The new deadline is now July 1, 2016 for all providers. The extension gives providers additional time to submit their applications to avoid payment penalties to their Medicare reimbursements in 2017. Source

• A judge upheld a measure in New York City requiring chain restaurants to warn consumers about high levels of sodium in their food offerings. The measure only applies to restaurants with fifteen or more locations nationwide and requires restaurants to place small images of saltshakers next to menu items high in salt - containing at least 2,300 milligrams of sodium. High levels of sodium are linked to hypertension and heart disease. Source

• Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence (AI) group has formed a new program called DeepMind Health to build medical software. In collaboration with Royal Free Hospital London, Google DeepMind built a mobile app called Streams that doctors and nurses can use to diagnose acute kidney injury. DeepMind Health is part of a larger initiative by Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, to grow its presence in health care technology and research. Source

On The Front Lines:

Apple saw a 0.08 percent boost this week in the mobile device wars against Android. The iPhone-cracking saga continues as Apple filed to dismiss a court order to assist the government in hacking an iPhone. Apple CEO Tim Cook has doubled down on the company's privacy stance and called the government's request the "software equivalent of cancer."


iOS: 90.86%
Android: 9.14%

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