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Weekly Byte: Automation & Empowerment
ICD-10 is only a day away and the entire team here at pMD is working on all cylinders to ensure our customers will have a seamless transition experience. Looking back on the last few months, there's been a lot of preparatory work both from the development team as well as sales, operations, and our account managers to lay the groundwork for one of the biggest regulatory changes in the health care industry in recent memory. From a software development perspective, automation is a key tool. We spent a significant amount of time more than a year ago to make our ICD-10 conversion wizard as seamless as possible, yet we were originally requiring each customer to work with one of us during the transition directly. Although a great experience all around, we realized that we had become a bottleneck to our users for their code update.

This realization led us to automate the process even further, by taking ourselves out of the critical path of our customers becoming ICD-10 compliant. We were originally very concerned that a human guide was necessary to ensure that the conversion would be successful at every step. Yet the line between automation and providing a human safety net is a tricky one to determine and is best found from fully understanding and empathizing with your customers. The new wizard, which almost all of our customers have used to convert their codes to ICD-10, is now completely self-driven through an intuitive interface and thoughtful feedback at key stages of the conversion. This is an approach we are actively taking with many of our other features, empowering our users to do more with the software we build while always being there to lend a hand.