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Weekly Byte: My Virtual Tech Conference
At pMD, we have a small development team. Although there are a lot of advantages when you work in a small team (efficient communication, no red-tape, speed), one of the disadvantages is that you sometimes feel isolated. One way to feel like part of a larger community is by attending conferences, but finding and going to your favorite tech conference in Fiji is sometimes impractical. In these cases, you can often create your own virtual conference with your dream list of speakers all from the comfort of your own home. Recently, I made my own list. And although they don’t exactly have to do with charge capture or medical software, a lot of the themes are directly translatable to what we try to accomplish every day. I hope these are inspirational, and I would love to visit others' virtual conferences (someone should make an app for this!)

Virtual Conference Schedule


How to Program Independent Games with Jonathan Blow
Fascinating view on independent game, but more broadly being a moral developer.


The Value of Values with Rich Hickey
This is a mind opening view of what data really is, independent of the storage medium.

Closing Remarks:

Inventing on Principle with Bret Victor
An inspiring and often times neglected view on how to make an impact as an engineer.