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Weekly Byte: Sharpening the Saw

Here at pMD, we provide world-class charge capture and physician communication solutions. But what's not as well-known until you become a customer is how much we take pride in providing world-class support. We rotate in teams and act as live FAQ/troubleshooters for our customers. This can be pretty fun and rewarding to help our customers out, but at times, it can get fairly demanding. With our customer base growing all the time, this means the support volume is bound to naturally increase. This, of course, is difficult to sustain if we want to continue growing faster and faster! So what’s the solution?

With each development cycle, we attempt to tackle a feature that "sharpens the saw." This is what we call features that help ourselves in order to better help our customers. We recently tackled a volume issue where we were getting too many provider training requests for our in-house support team to handle at one time. A good problem to have, I assure you! But it was daunting trying to coordinate and reschedule requests that came in all asking for the exact same training time. After experiencing this growth problem firsthand for a while, our development team created an in-house scheduling system building off our charge capture appointment functionality. It has worked wonders in managing and spreading out the training requests. Sanity was finally restored and we continue to grow at record pace!

As a fast paced development team, it's easy to fall into a trap of only developing for tomorrow. What's the next best feature to roll out? What's the next 'it' thing to show off to a new customer? But we recognize the need to run various threads of development projects that aim to improve our product from multiple angles. Obviously we have high level initiatives such as "ICD-10 Adoption" and "Secure Text Messaging", but we recognize the need to continue evolving our mobile software to the most minute detail. I can't wait to see what gets sharpened next!