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Weekly Byte: Team Chemistry

With the arrival of opening day for Major League Baseball, my beloved San Francisco Giants begin their journey of defending their World Champion title. They started the season off right with a victory against the Arizona Diamondbacks, but once again they're not the favorites to win it all. Radio talk shows and countless online articles discuss how the Giants just don't stack up against the payrolls of the Dodgers and Red Sox. Year after year, the Giants are the underdogs yet somehow they've won it all in three of the last five years! What is it about this team that brings them so much success while seemingly invisible to the rest of the world? One immeasurable word: chemistry.

Watching the Giants, you get an immediate sense that everyone just has a ton of fun. They joke around in the dugout when the mood is light and collectively focus when the game becomes serious. Everyone genuinely enjoys each other's company and it's not "just a job." Having chemistry is fundamentally important to achieving anything great as a team and it doesn't just stop at sports.

As a core member of the pMD development team, I'm blessed to work with a squad that emanates the same chemistry. Our carpool rides are brief but always with amusing chats - sometimes about our work, sometimes about sheer randomness. Sarcasm is abundant throughout the day, and the laugher is constant. The guys I work with are exceptionally talented, but more importantly, I can enjoy a beer with any and all of them. This is the key to developing truly great medical software for our customers and drives us to do our best work.

The Giants' world class chemistry translates to world class play and world class status. At pMD, we take pride in the same level of chemistry that allows us to lead the way as a world class mobile charge capture, secure text messaging, and patient care solution. Play ball!