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Weekly Byte: The Lunchtime Workout

We all know that we’re supposed to exercise in order to stay fit and healthy, but it can be challenging to find time to fit a workout into the busy day. I know of many people who solve this problem by working out early in the morning, or after work in the evenings. I however, find it very difficult to force myself to strap on the running shoes at 5am. Similarly, when I get home after work, I tend to struggle to find the energy and motivation to hit the gym. So for me, lunchtime is the perfect time for a workout.

As a busy pMDer, my schedule can fill up quickly with meetings, calls, and software development time. However, I try to be diligent about blocking out an hour most days for a midday workout. My favorite workout is swimming laps, and we’re fortunate enough to have the Letterman Pool just a few steps from our office. While some people will argue that having to shower and change in the middle of the work day is a hassle, I find that I have much more energy and my afternoon productivity level is noticeably higher on the days I make it to the pool. For me, the hour spent away from the office is well worth it.

A recent study showed that even just taking a few lunchtime walks each week can have a huge impact on our mood while we’re at work. I didn’t need scientists to convince me of this, but I’m always happy to see the benefits of exercise getting attention in the news. Several of my colleagues have joined the lunchtime workout club as well. Whether their chosen activity is running outside, lifting weights at the gym, or something else entirely, each of us comes back to the office after these sessions with a renewed passion and energy for serving our charge capture, secure messaging, and care coordination customers. So, stop procrastinating, and take the plunge!