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Weekly Byte: The Power of Self-Serve
I was recently on a business trip that took me through New Jersey. Peculiarly, it's illegal to pump your own gas there. The station was understaffed, so I waited for quite some time. The gas pump handle was almost within reach, so I was about to break the law by the time the attendant finally arrived. Some people enjoy chatting with the attendant or the feeling of being served by a person, but I was in a hurry so I got frustrated.

It made me think about software design. I've seen people get stuck because they're "waiting for the attendant," unable to do something that they would be perfectly capable of doing themselves if the software gave them the option and made it easy.

For example, when we first released our ICD-10 functionality in 2013, we used to be very involved every time a group wanted to update their diagnosis code list with ICD-10 codes. We would schedule a demo with them ahead of time, send them screenshots and suggested verbiage to forward to their providers, and wait until they had "followed the process" before we allowed them to update their code list. By doing this, we gathered some great feedback on common questions and concerns, and we learned how to make ICD-10 more intuitive and user-friendly in pMD. But from the user's point of view, this process was confusing and slow, and some practices got stuck at various places along the way even though they were interested in converting early.

Fast-forward to 2015. We've been busy for almost two years applying what we learned to streamline the process and to remove any remaining gotchas and speed bumps with the transition to an ICD-10 list. Since October 1 is right around the corner, we've now taken the final leap and made it as simple as clicking the button to become ICD-10 ready in pMD.

It's a great feeling as a user to be capable and empowered. If the software makes it easy for you, then it doesn't feel like you're being asked to do more work. Instead, you're saving time because you don't need to wait in line or interact with a human. Just think about how many people go into a bank branch to withdraw money from a checking account - it now seems archaic and tedious to do that under normal circumstances.

At pMD we work very hard to provide unparalleled service. As an engineer, I believe that the best service is often provided by the software itself.