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Weekly Byte: The Virality of Secure Messaging
It's been one heck of a year for our secure text messaging app in terms of development, roll outs, and viral usage. I can't express enough how proud I am to be part of a development team that listens to its customers and continues to build features based on their feedback. It's our “customer first” mantra that has allowed pMD Messaging (we like to call it “pChat” for short) to see adoption grow 600+ percent in the past year!

What started as a simple add-on feature to charge capture so providers didn’t have to text in code about patients anymore, has evolved into a standalone product for us that is only continuing to grow. We've integrated messaging into our charge capture platform with action triggered messages, automated reminders, and patient alerts, just to name a few. Most recently we added email notification reminders as apart of our multi-platform notification system to accommodate in-office staff workflows in addition to our mobile providers. This was a huge hurdle as many offices do not want their staff to use their cell phones at work.

With each charge capture implementation over the past 12 months, I've seen adoption get easier and easier for the doctors and the practices because we're able to offer what no other product has been able to offer them. A software that works naturally, easily, and is still secure without adding additional work to the user. In my last trip to San Marcos, Texas, it was amazing how lighting fast everyone gravitated towards pMD Messaging! It was easily the fastest viral adoption at a practice that I've personally implemented. Their entire office understood that their old methods of communication were not secure, so each doctor and nurse combo had invented a sort of code to discuss patients.

Once I told them pMD’s messaging was HIPAA-compliant, their eyes widened and they were ecstatic at the notion of being able to text freely. As I went through the individual trainings for 6 doctors and 18 staff users, it was fun to see their excitement and immediate usage of our secure messaging. The last doctor to get set up, who didn't come into the office until the end of the day, had 45 unread “pChats” because he hadn’t logged into pMD yet! As I trained each person from the start of the day, he would get simple notifications that “So-and-so sent you a secure message in pMD". From this alone, he could mentally follow me through his office as I worked with his colleagues. It turns out each person I worked with had sent a pChat to him for testing and so he was able to tell whose office I was in - sort of like GPS via pChats! While we probably won't be implementing geo-locations anytime soon, it's exciting to see what new features we add to secure messaging in 2016.