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What's with Account Managers Managing Accounts?
What can a company with nearly 12,000 users do to ensure that each client gets the same unparalleled service and attention that they received during the initial sale and implementation? Make sure that each employee pitches in to manage each relationship and help with account management, that's what!

While most companies say they want to keep their customers happy, many times their ability to do so and follow through fall by the wayside. Not at pMD. Each employee not only is responsible for their own clients, but every pMDer also helps each other when it comes to account management. Everyone does a little (or a lotta) bit of everything. As an account manager, I get to not only build new relationships but also maintain those relationships.

We work with a wide variety of personalities and, like our product, every interaction with each client is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Beyond doing the proper research before any meeting, phone call, or email outreach, the one thing I thrive in doing is speaking to them like they’re human beings. What a novel concept! I don’t have a hard script that I read word for word from. I approach them just like they were my co-worker or a friend and the conversation is very organic. I want to make my clients comfortable and that starts with rapport.

Building rapport with your clients is paramount to maintaining their business. Being at pMD for only a few months has really opened my eyes on how important it is to build that rapport and to continually follow up with our clients; even when there isn't a true agenda in place for the follow-up. Last week while I was on site for an implementation, I was afforded some time to peek into the offices of providers that I had worked with months before. Some conversations lasted only 2 minutes, others were 20 minutes. We would discuss everything from new pMD secure messaging features, future requests that they’d like added to pMD, and what their summer vacation plans were. While the conversations varied with each person, there was one common theme… they were extremely appreciative that I took the time to stop by, answer any outstanding questions or issues, or just to say hi.

From charge capture to care coordination and secure messaging, each product for each client is different. So different that we don't have a user guide for each product. We treat each client uniquely. One thing that makes me proud to not only be an account manager for pMD but a pMDer in general is that we don't just make a call or send a mass email with yes or no questions. We have a quality conversation with each client. We believe that this is important to ensure they are getting the most out of our products and we can be a sounding board for any feedback or changes they would want to add.

An account manager at pMD is not like an account manager at any other company. We strive to build a relationship that is long lasting. We strive to ensure that each client receives unparalleled customer services that doesn't stop after go-live. We strive to not only make our doctors happy but everyone associated with pMD happy too.