Case Studies
"I really like the pMD system. The workflow is simple and straightforward. I like that it isn't as complicated as our current EMR system and that it's linked to the NPI registry! I know when the doctor's assistant gets back, pMD is going to make her job much easier and save her a lot of time and paperwork."
Thuni Xayasengchanh, Biller, Peak Neurology and Sleep Medicine, Alaska
Deb Viher, Np, Pulmonary Clinics Of Southern Michigan

"I love pMD!  I think it's a great software. I really like how it maintains a current and accurate census.  Plus I can easily check previous patient diagnoses.  pMD is so intuitive and user friendly.  It's great how it fits in so well into the work flow!  Kudos to the developers!"