Case Studies
"The pMD training was really easy and efficient. This is going to be a great tool for our group, especially for procedure and appointment billing, where before, we were losing charges. Searching for the proper diagnosis and charge codes is a simple process and now, there are no more pesky papers to have to collect and submit on a weekly basis. Secure messaging through pMD, especially patient-centric messaging, is a great platform for communication for our office staff and communicating with external providers!”
Dr. Nassim Haddad, Cardiovascular Institute of Scottsdale, Arizona
Dr. Mark Cavitt, All Children's Hospital, Florida

"pMD is a great application for billing and it has many features. It's very helpful to be able to pull up the inpatient roster quickly, which we never had the ability to do easily before. It's great to eliminate a step in the billing process and submit our charges sooner without any billing delay."