Case Studies
"pMD is a great improvement! I was a little intimidated at first, but it is easy to use. Before, I would have to carry a folder of papers and keep track of them throughout the day. Now I only need my phone, a pen, and a stethoscope when I go to the hospital…and I’m not sure I even need the pen!"
Suzanne Ramm, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Yakima Heart Center, Washington

"When we get a consult for a patient that has never been seen before, we can put the patient's demographics directly into pMD and the doctor can immediately see it on their phone, that's awesome. Before pMD, doctors would bring in hand written charges and hospital facesheets with patients' information back to the office weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. With pMD, doctors input charges and patient demographics at the point of service and we instantaneously have access to the information. We are now seeing an increase in revenue and an impact on A/R because we can bill claims daily.

Also, pMD helps us manage our dialysis patients. When the doctor discharges a patient from the hospital back to the dialysis center, the patient is automatically moved from the hospital census to the dialysis center census. This keeps our censuses up to date and lets the doctors know who they need to see at the hospital and dialysis center."