Case Studies
"This saves me so much time! I can send the visit instantly. I don't have to type the patients' name every time, I don't have to look up specific codes using different apps, and the idea that I can communicate this information with others -- it's all very good."
Avi Laster, Physician Assistant, Genesis Medical Health PC, New York

"I was losing $$$ on charges because I couldn't keep up. We used a really cumbersome system for charges. I would get busy and my stack of index cards would pile up and I didn't know if I had kept them up to date. With pMD, I enter my charges right away and can keep track of who I need to see. I love that it is sent directly to my staff. I tried some other systems and it was very difficult to retrieve the charges. Not so with pMD. There have been no glitches getting the information. My staff loves having the correct ICD codes as well. It has made their life much easier. Wish I would have found pMD sooner!"