Case Studies
“pMD is very straightforward and easy to use. It is a massive help when I need to securely message photos of physical exam findings with my colleagues."
Dr. Jason Niehaus, IU Health

"I love pMD! I am able to close out every month a few days faster than I could before. Prior to pMD, I always had to remind our physicians to bring their billing sheets in and track physicians down at the end of the month. With pMD, I don't have to wait a couple days or weeks for the doctors to bring in hand written billing sheets, I get charges immediately. Before pMD, I received billing sheets after a patient was discharged and if I needed medical records to conduct an audit, I would have to wait two or more weeks for the hospital to send them. With pMD, I am following the patient's charges in real time so I know the patient is still in the hospital and can have the doctor fax me the medical records that day. Also, I can see if a patient is missing charges easily because I have access to all of the patient's charges for the entire hospital stay in one screen.

Many of our patients will visit the clinic and then later be admitted to the hospital in the same day. If I didn't get both E&M charges before I submitted the bill, I was unable to combine the time spent with patients to bill a code with higher reimbursement. Then we would have to submit a corrected claim to the insurance company which is such a battle. With pMD, I can easily combine the E&M codes to bill a code with a higher reimbursement and don't have to go through the hassle of sending in corrected claims.

pMD makes communicating with physicians so much easier. If I need additional information or have a question about a charge, I can send the charge directly back to the provider and they can send it to me with the revisions. With paper, I would have to call or email them about it."