Refill request? No problem. We’ll help you quickly and efficiently prescribe medications for patients with our easy-to-use, reliable ePrescribe function integrated with pMD® Billing Services technology.


Streamlined Prescriptions
And Refills

Spend more time engaging with your patients instead of sending prescription requests. We've streamlined the process for providers by building ePrescribe into the same platform you use for documentation and charge entry.

Securely Submit
Medication Requests

Have peace of mind when submitting requests through our forms. We ensure your medication requests are sent securely through our HIPAA-compliant platform.

Check Interactions
And Reduce Errors

Our integrated ePrescribe solution displays alerts to help reduce medication errors and identify drug interactions.

With pMD, you can handle all your prescriptions in one place. Whether you’re prescribing for an in-person or telehealth visit, while writing your documentation, or if you’re simply refilling a prescription, we’ve got you covered.

As a prescribing provider, you have the freedom to prescribe your choice of medications to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. With integrated e-prescription capabilities, we help ensure your patients get the medications they need in the most convenient way possible.

Questions about using ePrescribe? We have answers! Learn about our comprehensive billing and technology solution by clicking the Get Started button.


With pMD’s comprehensive, integrated, and HIPAA-compliant platform, combined with our expert RCM services, you can rest easy knowing that your billing process is effortless, saving you time, money, and headaches down the line. At pMD, you’ll find multiple ways to streamline your practice. Among them is vendor consolidation. When you sign up for medical billing and collection services you’ll have access to everything else pMD has to offer; pMD® Charge Capture, pMD® Secure Messaging, automated patient appointment reminders, patient handoff, and much more -- it’s all included. Yes, that means telehealth and ePrescribe too!

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In order to use pMD you'll need to be set up by your health care provider. Please contact your doctor's office and let them know you'd like to get started! If you have already received an invitation to pMD® Secure MessagingTM and need assistance getting started, please check out our Patient FAQ page.