"I love that I'm able to enter in my charges in pMD instead of having to use paper billing and carry around patient cards. Since everything updates in real-time, it makes it super easy to know which patients have been seen. I also really like being able to securely message with colleagues about sensitive patient information. The pMD training was simple and straightforward and the goat sound during multidisciplinary rounds was a hit!"
Robin Moreno, Nurse Practitioner, DFW Critical Care, Texas
Angela Smith-Allen, Revenue Cycle Manager, Baptist Neurology, Florida

"The pMD website is very user-friendly and the staff is awesome! It doesn’t matter which staff member I speak with, they are always helpful and kind. The ICD-10 transition was simple and easy. Our physicians were pleased with it. I can definitely say that pMD was a great investment for our company."

October 14, 2015